Is Melisa Girls' Dormitory & Life Center associated to the Ministry of National Education?

Our dormitory was put into service in 2017-2018 academic year in association with Private Student Accommodation Services of the Ministry of National Education.


 Is it possible to tour Melisa Girls' Dormitory and Life Center before registering?

Definitely. You can get an appointment by reaching us at our contact numbers. Our good-humoured dormitory personnel are pleased to introduce our premises to you. You can also go on a virtual tour by clicking on the "Click for virtual tour" text on our homepage.


What are the application requirements for Melisa Girls' Dormitory & Life Center?

Being an undergraduate is well enough.


Are there any entry-exit times applicable?

There are entry-exit times of the dormitory for your security; the check-in time is 23:00 on weekdays and 24:00 on weekends. The check-out time is 06:30. When you check in/out outside of these hours, you need to inform our dormitory personnel. In addition, daily avalibility of our students is also notified in KBS and MEBIS modules pursuant to the law and legislation.


How is the security of the dormitory ensured?

Our dormitory is secured by security personnel on 7/24 basis. Our dormitory’s internal –external surroundings and common areas are monitored and archived by closed circuit surveillance cameras on a 7/24 basis.


Is the dormitory building safe?

Yes. Our dormitory was built in accordance with the earthquake resistance and fire protection regulations. Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (DASK) insurance is renewed annually. All of our rooms and common areas are equipped with smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire cabinets, fire extinguishing tubes and fire buttons. Fire escape stairs are available.


What are the required documents for registration?

Petition for application

Photocopy of identity card for citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

Certificate proving that the student continues to study.

Health certificate issued by a physician stating that her health condition is suitable for accommodation in the premises

Health certificate stating that she is free of a contagious disease

Two passport photos

Criminal record and archive record document

Certificate of domicile

Photocopy of identity card of the parent


What is included in the registration fee?

Electricity, water, heating/cooling, fiber internet service; usage fees for Turkish bath, cinema hall, gym, study and drawing room, ironing room and hair dryer; lobby, cleaning and security services are included in room prices.


Are there any additional fees except the registration fee?

You can use the washing machines by loading 5 ₺  credits on the laundry card given to you (It is valid in the 2017-2018 accomodation period. The price is subject to change.)You can enjoy affordable daily and freshly served breakfast and catering service in our Kitabım Cafe.


How many months do I need to register for?

The registrations are made for two semesters (10 months).


Can I bring my pet to Melisa Girls' Dormitory & Life Center?

We love animals too, but it is not possible for you to bring pets to our dormitory.


Can I make a room change?

If there is availability in our rooms, your room change can be provided through evaluating your request by the dormitory management.


Which belongings can I bring to Melisa Girls’ Dormitory & Life Center?

It will be sufficient to bring your personal belongings, personal care and hygiene products. Quilts, bedlinens, sheets, pillows, pillowcases and piques are provided and cleaned by us for yor use.


Can I invite my guests to the dormitory?

You can enjoy your time chatting, having fun, playing box games (jenga, taboo, backgammon, chess etc.) in our lobby, Kitabım Cafe, Hidden Garden and Winter Garden until 22:00. For security reasons it is not a matter of discussion for visitors to go upstairs where the rooms are located.


Where will my family stay during their visit?

You do not need to look for an accommodation. Our guesthouse will be in service in the period of 2018-2019. If you make a reservation one week before the date of their stay, we will welcome your family for 3 days free of charge.


How is the cleaning done?

Our professional cleaning team is in charge of cleaning of common areas every day, rooms twice a week and changing the bed every fifteen days. In addition, toilet paper and liquid soap are replenished in number of the persons in the rooms once a week.


What should I do when I feel sick and / or feel bad?

There is a two-bed infirmary in our dormitory. In case of any discomfort, you are required to inform your state of health to our dormitory personnel serving on a 24/7 basis immediately. You will be guided to the nearest health institution with your accompany as soon as possible.


Is there any help desk operator when I face a trouble?

You can apply to to our dormitory personnel and get help and support from them 24 hours a day.


Is smoking or drinking allowed inside?

Drinking in the dormitory and smoking in its closed areas are prohibited pursuant to the law no. 4207.


When is the deposit value refunded?

In order to avoid confusion and disruption of deposit returns, all our students are paid collectively on the date set by our management.


Is there a parking area?

We have a parking lot for three cars.


How far are you from Public Transport Vehicles?

Our dormitory is centrally located and it is

100 meters far from Beşyol metrobus station, and

2.5 km far from Atatürk Airport.


How do I get to my university?

If you study at Istanbul Aydın University; you are only 150 meters away. So you are within a walking distance of  2 minutes. J

If you study at Istanbul Arel University; you can walk for 5 minutes or use metrobus to get to your school after only one station.

If you study at Kültür University; you can get to your school after2 stations by metrobus or by bus in approximately 10 minutes.

If you study at Sabahattin Zaim University; You can get to your school by bus in about 20 minutes.

If you study at Istanbul Gelişim University; You can get to your school by bus in about 20 minutes.

If you wonder about our distance to other universities, you can reach us by phone and can get detailed information from our dormitory personnel.