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Melisa Girls’ Dormitory and Living Center

Offering both home and hotel comfort together, at Melisa Girls’ Dormitory everything is designed to meet the needs and expectations of students by a new generation perspective, different from traditional dormitory concept.

In addition to luxurious and spacious rooms, there are social facilities where students can spend time as they wish at any time. 

Comfortable Rooms

In single and double rooms, orthopedic patten bed, satellite TV, work table with bookshelves, mini dining table, fridge, wardrobe, hilton bath-toilet, hair dryer, wifi internet, telephone and central heating and cooling system are present. 


A receptionist who helps students at any time is charged 24 hours.

Library and Study Hall

The library and study hall, offering a study opportunity in a quiet and calm environment is quite comfortable…

For socializing and spending joyful time…

In addition to joyful areas such as Cafe and Hidden Garden there is a Fitness Center where students can spend time with their friends is also located in the center.

Both for relief and rest…

It is possible both to relive and rest with Turkish Bath…


Our center is monitored by a 24-hour closed circuit camera system. In addition to high-level safety measures against disasters such as fires and earthquakes, emergency buttons exist in the rooms. For rooms, electronic card entrance-exit system is used.


There is an infirmary service where a healthcare professional takes charge.


For rooms, cleaning service is given twice a week. Quilt covers are changed once in 15 days by dormitory staff.


At the cafe, food alternatives exist for breakfast, lunch and dinner within the dormitory.

Close to everywhere…

Our center which provides an advantage for the students because of being quite close to the universities around is located within 5-minute walking distance for the metrobus.

"The usage fees of social facilities such as Turkish Bath, Fitness Center are included in the dormitory fee. In addition, the use of luggage and ironing rooms is free of charge. Laundry service is carried out by adding units to laundry cards.”

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You are close to it and it is close to everywhere

Comfortable and Spacious Rooms


Turkish Bath





Kişi Sayısı










1 Person

2.600 TL

2.700 TL








2 Person

1.700 TL

1.750 TL

1.800 TL

1.850 TL

1.900 TL


2.000 TL

2.100 TL


3 Person

1.550 TL









4 Person

1.450 TL